12 April 2009

Sacred 13, and a brief overview on the tree of life.

First for this, my 13th post, I want to show the mathematics behind the two pillars on the tree of life. I think its very important that an understanding of the tree of life is had by one performing any form of magick. My blog posts have been gearing around its importance to Audiomancey. The tree is extremely effective in audiomancy as the tree is also an alphabet system, where each letter sound is given mystical significance, and therefore letter combinations may be formed to create mantra's.

The two pillars on the tree are spirals. The left pillar is your standard golden mean Fibonacci spiral, the right pillar is a larger spiral. The Fibonacci sequence is formed by adding one number previous to the current number. The greater spiral is likewise formed, but two numbers prior to the current are added, causing the spiral to move outward more rapidly.

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233
0, 1, 1, 2, 4, 7, 13, 24, 44, 81, 149, 274, 504, 927

My point with these spirals is the three numbers prior to 13 in each sequence are the numbers found on the two pillars on the tree of life, also each pillar contains a master number of the central sphere on each pillar (44 and 55).

Finally I would like to give a brief run through of the sphere's and what they mean to me.


Infinite Nothing

Infinite Everything (which is also nothing)

A singularity, infinitely small. Very important when realizing the monade of being, which is required for operation in Enochian Magick. This is the true self. It is also the seed of anything manifested in a magickal sense. The catalyst.

The Singularity splits into a new form. This is Chaos in its purest form. It is creativity, and the mother of all art. It is what Terrence McKenna would call, Pure Novelty. This is the right creative hemisphere of the brain.

The Chaos of 2 repeats. This would then be Habit, according to Terrence McKenna. This is the father of all Science, because it is repeatability. Repetition brings stability and use to Chaos. This is Order. This would also be your left brain hemisphere.

The Abyss is crossed, after completing the supernal triad we cross the abyss. 4 is the number of the elements, and the square. The elements form matter, in a primordial since. This isn't the full holographic world being formed, it is simply dead unchanging materia.

This is energy, the materia of 4 is now moving, but is not yet alive. The universe is mechanical at this stage.

This is the personality, a true expression of self, devoid of ego. Not the true self in a pure sense, but the characteristics of the self. At this stage the mechanical materia becomes conscious .

This is desire, and love. It doesn't take long for conscious materia to formulate needs.

In order for the desirous materia to achieve what it wants and needs, it must learn. Thus at this stage learning and memory are formed.

As desire and the means of obtaining it flood the consciousness mind the ego is formed. This sphere is the shadow, and the source of the dream world.

Finally the holographic world is fully realized. This is the completed material world.


ViølatoR said...

Hey I just swung by to grab a link for a new post of mine. The two spirals remind me of the Silver Ratio thought it looks like it's different. Also there was two spirals found to make all the letters of Hebrew when rotated, the golden spiral and the one found by the meru research group. Anyways interesting find on the two sets of numbers matching the two pillars! Maybe some of this can be added to the synchro wiki.. :D I'm getting off my lazy ass and updating that site today.

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