21 February 2009

Inching closer to the Philospher's Notes

Whilst contemplating the mysteries of the video game known as Final Fantasy 7, on a train, and returning home from school, I heard the sweet whispers of my muse into my third ear. Instantly I was led into a series of mental sounds and visions that led me one step closer down the mighty path towards the philosophers notes. Her whispers went something like, "Thirteen notes in an octave"

This is a huge musical possibility as thirteen equally tempered notes may be placed within an octave and still allow seven heptatonic modes. Unlike a fourteen note octave which would make the heptatonic modes much more similar to the whole tone scale in a standard twelve note octave, the modes in a thirteen note scale still maintain "character" threw a shifting harmonic in its tonal pattern. If you notice in the diagram at the top, we are adding another note (E#) and a heptagram will still point out the natural notes.

I'm going to dive into the mystical significance of this musickal concept of 7 and 13, and I'll also give a Stargate practical example of this system using the Esoteric Adventures of Freeman (I'm sure many reading this will be aware of Freeman's work on the Freeman Perspective)

The First mystical example I'll give is hidden in gemetria, within one of the most revered names of the ancient Egyptions, that being Amen. Amen, as in Amen-Ra, is also used at the end of a prayer ritual in the christian religion, so why exactly did the Atenists decide to keep (but certainly not reveal the nature of) this word. Amen is spelled AMN (aleph mem nun in hebrew) and therefor totals to 91 using gemetria. 91=7*13. Keep in mind that Pythagoras received the western musickal system from the ancient Egyptians.

The next example (My favorite) is that by adding another sharp note in the octave, a piano would then have 7 white keys and 6 black keys in an octave. If you have read Douglas Adams, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, you'll know that not only does the computer designed to calculate the question of life the universe and everything give the answer of 42, but the computer created to find the question for the answer (Earth) later in the series of novels later reveals that the question is, "What is Six times Seven?"

The final point I'd like to make with this system is based on a film I watched a little while back, by Freeman. What I want you to notice most in this video is the Cymatic Stargate pointed out by Freeman about 8:20 into the video. It's called the court of three stars.

There are 95 frequencies being played, and the reason why 95 is EXTREMELY important is because, when you have a piano on the 12 note chromatic scale then you'll have 88 piano keys from A0 to C8, but if you had a 13 chromatic notes per octave then you A0 to C8 would be... You guessed it 95 notes!

I'll get into more technical info on this musickal system a little later. Things like the equal temperament frequencies (13th root of 2), and scales, modes, and many other things I can discover.

11 February 2009

Started School

I've started up at School this week, I study interactive multimedia at an art school in Newcastle. This wasn't part of a class just something I did during a break on my laptop. Enjoy the snapshot of an ever fluctuating liquid, of self identifying, and maddening beauty. AKA my right hemisphere~~~


06 February 2009

Aenima: The Spiritual Enema (Atribute to Tool)

Disclaimer: I support the use of Entheonegic Substances for spiritual use. I my self am a Cantheist. However, I am not suggesting anyone should break any law.

A couple years ago a good friend of mine, who will be referred to in here as Cain, was telling me of particular ecstatic experience. Cain and I are both huge fans of the band Tool. Cain is also a fan of a particular mushroom that contains chemical compounds called tryptamines. One delightful day Cain decided to join his two loves together, and it produced a wonderful effect. Cain described to me how he could feel a force being dragged up his spinal chord, cutting through his Chakra points. This fascinated me, and I decided to check to see if I could find some legitimacy to it.

So I decided to chart out the songs from the album by the second up a medical chart of a spinal chord and compare the songs to the corresponding Chakra points.

Essentially the Album is an Enema for your Anima. Each song in some way correlates to the surrounding Chakra points, like the heavy breathing in the song Aenima matching up to the throat Chakra. My particular favorite is how Third Eye takes up the entire cranium.

~To put this all in a simple Mathematical formula~


02 February 2009

Just a Quote

"Matter's latticed waves are spaced at intervals corresponding to the frets on a harp or guitar with analogous sequences of overtones arising from each fundamental. The science of musical harmony is in these terms practically identical with the science of symmetry in crystals."
-Professor Amstutz of the Mineralogical Institute at the University of Heidelberg