12 April 2009

Sacred 13, and a brief overview on the tree of life.

First for this, my 13th post, I want to show the mathematics behind the two pillars on the tree of life. I think its very important that an understanding of the tree of life is had by one performing any form of magick. My blog posts have been gearing around its importance to Audiomancey. The tree is extremely effective in audiomancy as the tree is also an alphabet system, where each letter sound is given mystical significance, and therefore letter combinations may be formed to create mantra's.

The two pillars on the tree are spirals. The left pillar is your standard golden mean Fibonacci spiral, the right pillar is a larger spiral. The Fibonacci sequence is formed by adding one number previous to the current number. The greater spiral is likewise formed, but two numbers prior to the current are added, causing the spiral to move outward more rapidly.

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233
0, 1, 1, 2, 4, 7, 13, 24, 44, 81, 149, 274, 504, 927

My point with these spirals is the three numbers prior to 13 in each sequence are the numbers found on the two pillars on the tree of life, also each pillar contains a master number of the central sphere on each pillar (44 and 55).

Finally I would like to give a brief run through of the sphere's and what they mean to me.


Infinite Nothing

Infinite Everything (which is also nothing)

A singularity, infinitely small. Very important when realizing the monade of being, which is required for operation in Enochian Magick. This is the true self. It is also the seed of anything manifested in a magickal sense. The catalyst.

The Singularity splits into a new form. This is Chaos in its purest form. It is creativity, and the mother of all art. It is what Terrence McKenna would call, Pure Novelty. This is the right creative hemisphere of the brain.

The Chaos of 2 repeats. This would then be Habit, according to Terrence McKenna. This is the father of all Science, because it is repeatability. Repetition brings stability and use to Chaos. This is Order. This would also be your left brain hemisphere.

The Abyss is crossed, after completing the supernal triad we cross the abyss. 4 is the number of the elements, and the square. The elements form matter, in a primordial since. This isn't the full holographic world being formed, it is simply dead unchanging materia.

This is energy, the materia of 4 is now moving, but is not yet alive. The universe is mechanical at this stage.

This is the personality, a true expression of self, devoid of ego. Not the true self in a pure sense, but the characteristics of the self. At this stage the mechanical materia becomes conscious .

This is desire, and love. It doesn't take long for conscious materia to formulate needs.

In order for the desirous materia to achieve what it wants and needs, it must learn. Thus at this stage learning and memory are formed.

As desire and the means of obtaining it flood the consciousness mind the ego is formed. This sphere is the shadow, and the source of the dream world.

Finally the holographic world is fully realized. This is the completed material world.

04 April 2009

GoD Scales, Locrian/Lydian (and other modal connections)

For a while now I've been doing research and meditation on the various elements of music in order to link them more into both Kabbalah, and Alchemy. I have come to the conclusion that the modes of Locria and Lydia, can be attributed The Moon, and Venus.

Because on the Kabbalistic Tree of life there are 7 Planetary bodies (3-9) in the sephiroth, and there are 7 modes in western music, it becomes clear that these are someway related. There are also 7 paths of the 22 that are associated with these celestial god bodies, the double letters.

3) Saturn, Tav (T, 400)
4) Jupiter, Kaph (K, 20)
5) Mars, Peth (P, 80)
6) Sun, Resh (R, 200)
7) Venus, Daleth (D, 4)
8) Mercury, Beth (B, 2)
9) Moon, Gimel (G, 3)

The primary reason for linking these two modes together is because these two modes are the only modes that are exactly six semitones or half an octave apart. These modes then are the only ones with a flat 5th note in them, the flat 5th note of Lydia being the root note of Locria, the flat 5th of Locria is the root of Lydia, thus these modes are intimately connected. Of the double letters on the Tree, only two intersect, and create a very important intersection at that. These two are Daleth, and Gimel (Venus, and Moon). G+D is where we get the word GoD, because vowels are generally not spelled out in letters. G+D=7, very important number in mysticism, and extremely important in music as well. Even if you include the vowel in the word GOD you will find allot numerological significance. O is Ayin which equals 70 using gemetria, and therefore G+O+D = 77, also the gemetria total of OZ.
Deciding which mode should be linked to which letter of GD required meditation on the sound produced by these modes, and an aesthetic link to the meaning of the path and planet. This wasn't a very hard conclusion to come by. The Lydian mode is quite possibly the Loveliest sounding mode, its a major mode, lovely enough for Aphroditie. Locrian, being a diminished mode, has a very odd sound that separates it from any other mode. I find allot of Lunar qualities in this mode, it's the mode of the LUNAtic, and thus my favourite mode.

Understand though, that coming up with a conclusion based on the aesthetic feel of something is very subjective, Lydia may be the lovely mode to me, but not to someone else, and thus using my opinion for a conclusion is dangerous in any scholarly work. I urge any mystic and musician to meditate deeply upon the sound of each mode and come up with your own conclusion, based on your understanding, and to trust yourself before any other.

There are two other modal attributes that I have come up with and will now share. One for Jovial Jupiter, and the other for Wise Mercury.

First Jove, being an important archetype for the Orphic Mysteries (Apollo is also an important archetype for Orpheus.) I have decided to link the Ionian Mode to Jupiter for a couple reasons. First of all the Prefix IO. IO is not only a Moon of the planet Jupiter, but was also the name of the High Priestess of Hera, the wife of the god Jupiter. Secondly, The Ionian Mode being the Major scale is aesthetically very Jovial sounding.

Next Mercury, to whom I give the Aeolian Mode, or Minor Scale. Aeolus in Greek Mythology was the god of the Winds, and the element of wind represents thoughts and intellect. In the Tarot deck that I use (The Kazanlar Tarot), the Ace of Swords or Primal Force of Wind, is illustrated with Thoth, the Egyptian Scribe god. Thoth and mercury being equivalent. Also on the Tree of Life, Beth (Mercury) and Aleph (Wind), are as important of a pair, as Gimel (Moon) and Daleth (Venus). Zain (Gemini) and He (Ares) are also important to look at with these two other pairs.

3+7+12= 22
There are 3 Mother Letters (actually 5 but Ill get into the abyss and the two spirals in another post), 7 double letters, and 12 single letters. 12 notes in an octave, 7 note in a scale (7 modes), and three notes in a triad (Major, Minor, Augmented, or Diminished Chord). There are 12 zodiak signs, apostles, feats of Hercules, ect. There are 7 Chakra, Planetary bodies in QBLH, ect. There are three elements for the mother letter (actually 5 elements but like I said I'll get into that in a later post.) The attributes for these number combinations are many.

The significance for these three pairs of two are very mystically important. They are a duality within a duality, and the combination of these dualities. A + B is The Fool and The Magus being a duality of a masculine nature, ABBA means Father. G + D is the High Priestess and The Empress, the duality of a feminine nature. I Guess God really is a woman. H + Z are the Uniting of the Feminine and the Masculine to produce the child, there son, (6) Tipheret, or the Sun.

22 March 2009

Enjoy the Colors

I'll have a more left hemisphere oriented post later. I plan on getting into alchemical attributes to sound. Until then please enjoy some of my art. These are wonderful fun if you have synesthesia.

21 February 2009

Inching closer to the Philospher's Notes

Whilst contemplating the mysteries of the video game known as Final Fantasy 7, on a train, and returning home from school, I heard the sweet whispers of my muse into my third ear. Instantly I was led into a series of mental sounds and visions that led me one step closer down the mighty path towards the philosophers notes. Her whispers went something like, "Thirteen notes in an octave"

This is a huge musical possibility as thirteen equally tempered notes may be placed within an octave and still allow seven heptatonic modes. Unlike a fourteen note octave which would make the heptatonic modes much more similar to the whole tone scale in a standard twelve note octave, the modes in a thirteen note scale still maintain "character" threw a shifting harmonic in its tonal pattern. If you notice in the diagram at the top, we are adding another note (E#) and a heptagram will still point out the natural notes.

I'm going to dive into the mystical significance of this musickal concept of 7 and 13, and I'll also give a Stargate practical example of this system using the Esoteric Adventures of Freeman (I'm sure many reading this will be aware of Freeman's work on the Freeman Perspective)

The First mystical example I'll give is hidden in gemetria, within one of the most revered names of the ancient Egyptions, that being Amen. Amen, as in Amen-Ra, is also used at the end of a prayer ritual in the christian religion, so why exactly did the Atenists decide to keep (but certainly not reveal the nature of) this word. Amen is spelled AMN (aleph mem nun in hebrew) and therefor totals to 91 using gemetria. 91=7*13. Keep in mind that Pythagoras received the western musickal system from the ancient Egyptians.

The next example (My favorite) is that by adding another sharp note in the octave, a piano would then have 7 white keys and 6 black keys in an octave. If you have read Douglas Adams, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, you'll know that not only does the computer designed to calculate the question of life the universe and everything give the answer of 42, but the computer created to find the question for the answer (Earth) later in the series of novels later reveals that the question is, "What is Six times Seven?"

The final point I'd like to make with this system is based on a film I watched a little while back, by Freeman. What I want you to notice most in this video is the Cymatic Stargate pointed out by Freeman about 8:20 into the video. It's called the court of three stars.

There are 95 frequencies being played, and the reason why 95 is EXTREMELY important is because, when you have a piano on the 12 note chromatic scale then you'll have 88 piano keys from A0 to C8, but if you had a 13 chromatic notes per octave then you A0 to C8 would be... You guessed it 95 notes!

I'll get into more technical info on this musickal system a little later. Things like the equal temperament frequencies (13th root of 2), and scales, modes, and many other things I can discover.

11 February 2009

Started School

I've started up at School this week, I study interactive multimedia at an art school in Newcastle. This wasn't part of a class just something I did during a break on my laptop. Enjoy the snapshot of an ever fluctuating liquid, of self identifying, and maddening beauty. AKA my right hemisphere~~~


06 February 2009

Aenima: The Spiritual Enema (Atribute to Tool)

Disclaimer: I support the use of Entheonegic Substances for spiritual use. I my self am a Cantheist. However, I am not suggesting anyone should break any law.

A couple years ago a good friend of mine, who will be referred to in here as Cain, was telling me of particular ecstatic experience. Cain and I are both huge fans of the band Tool. Cain is also a fan of a particular mushroom that contains chemical compounds called tryptamines. One delightful day Cain decided to join his two loves together, and it produced a wonderful effect. Cain described to me how he could feel a force being dragged up his spinal chord, cutting through his Chakra points. This fascinated me, and I decided to check to see if I could find some legitimacy to it.

So I decided to chart out the songs from the album by the second up a medical chart of a spinal chord and compare the songs to the corresponding Chakra points.

Essentially the Album is an Enema for your Anima. Each song in some way correlates to the surrounding Chakra points, like the heavy breathing in the song Aenima matching up to the throat Chakra. My particular favorite is how Third Eye takes up the entire cranium.

~To put this all in a simple Mathematical formula~


02 February 2009

Just a Quote

"Matter's latticed waves are spaced at intervals corresponding to the frets on a harp or guitar with analogous sequences of overtones arising from each fundamental. The science of musical harmony is in these terms practically identical with the science of symmetry in crystals."
-Professor Amstutz of the Mineralogical Institute at the University of Heidelberg

31 January 2009

Sacred Geometric Scales and the Quest for the Philosophers Notes

I am going to start this post by stating my view of the true goal of all Synchromusickologists. This goal being the quest for the sacred Philosophers Notes. I would like you to notice that the word Stone is an anagram for the word Notes, and that notes are the elements used to construct a musical scale. The word scale, in music, comes from its literal sense, meaning to climb, as notes in a scale "climb" from octave to octave. So please join me on this quest as we scale the K2 musickal mountain range into audio enlightenment.

The main goal of this post is to elaborate on my previous post which points out how the pentatonic scale, commonly use in rock and roll, is related to the Pentagram or Pentacle. After meditating on this discovery my mind asked itself a very important question, which in turn has shown me that all popularly used musical scales are derived from some sacred geometrical calculation.
~More info on the above diagrams can be found in my previous post~

Before getting into the individual scales and there geometrical correspondences, I find it necessary to show and explain the astrological nature of music and how it can also me attributed to the QBLH.
You may first notice that the astrological correspondences are not set up to have a planet in the house that it rules, eg Sun in Leo. This is intentional, because the astrological correspondences are related to color and QBLH. The color to note relationship is based on a wonderful book called Marcotone, written in 1924, by Edward Maryon, which is discussed more in detail in Ezra's Blog. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is a serious musician and artist. I apologize that the diagram above may be slightly off in color, as I have only a cheap set of colored pencils to work with. The color to astrology associations can be found in Aleister Crowley's Liber 777. These are the king scale colors, which relate to the element of fire, and the first letter Yod in Tetragametron. Note that the Mother letter attributions are all in Fire Signs.

The first scale I will mystically dissect in this post is the Major Scale, and its Modes. The Major scale is a Heptatonic Scale, meaning it has seven notes in it, and the sacred geometry we will use to achieve this scale is, you guessed it, a Heptagram.
In order to find the notes of the scale you must look for where the points of the geometry touch the circle. By slowly rotating the geometry 360, the points will "point out" the notes of every mode in every key. Each 4 2/7 degrees the geometry is turned a new mode will appear, and every 30 degrees it is turned a new keynote will be used.
Notice first how the Major and Minor Modes are grouped together. If you've read my last post you will know that the 30 degree keynote segment can be divided by the number of modes (30/7 = 4 2/7) to show where the mode change takes place within the key, and that each mode of a scale has a different attribute attached to it. For the Pentatonic mode the five elements of Spirit, Fire, Air, Water, and Earth are used to describe the modes. In the heptatonic scale I have found that the Chakra points best work with the modes, as the natural key of each mode directly corresponds to the color of the seven chakra points.

Ionian (Major Scale)= Root Chakra
Dorian= Sacral Chakra
Phrygian= Solar Plexus Chakra
Lydian= Heart Chakra
MyxoLydian= Throught Chakra
Aeolian (Minor Scale)= Third Eye Chakra
Locrian= Crown Chakra

The next scale I will show is the Wholetone Scale. It is a Hexatonic scale. In the diagram below I use a Unicursal Hexagram to show the sacred geometry involved. There is really no point in trying to dissect this scale into modes, and therefore there are no attributions attached.

The next scale I will show is the Diminished Scale. The Diminished scale is Octatonic, and therefore an Octagram is used. I find this particular scale very interesting, especially when you are looking at the geometry related and massive amount of synchronicity attached. To get more info tied to the Octagram, you should read up on Jake Kotze's blog on Synchromysticism, it is very informative on the use of this geometry.
There are two functional Modes of the Diminished Scale, which I have attributed to the Taoist philosophy of Yin and Yang. The decision of which mode belongs to which is based on the keynote elemental attributes of the Pentatonic Scale.

HW Diminished = Yang
WH Diminished = Yin

The next and final scale I will talk about is one that I had invented for the purpose of attributing modes to the Ascendant, Succedent, and Cadent in astrology. It is an Enneatonic Scale, and an Enneagram is used.

As I said earlier this Scale contains three Modes.
The Interval pattern for these modes are.

Ascendant: H H W H H W H H W
Succedent: H W H H W H H W H
Cadent: W H H W H H W H H

30 January 2009

The Pentagramic Scale

I feel this is a great place for me to start a post on Synchromusickology, seeing how the discovery of the pentatonic scales, as a teen, was the beginning of me taking my music much more seriously. It was with this discovery that I found the freedom of improving and writing guitar solo's similar to the great guitarists that inspired me. Little did I know at the time, the occult foundations for this scale.

Perhaps you will find it interesting that the minor pentatonic scale is the primary source for blues and rock guitar solo's, and that the guitarist responsible for the explosion of blues rock was said to have entered into the Faustian pact. The story and musician I am eluding to is that of Robert Johnson. This pact is said to have resulted in a curse in which many great musicians have died, sometimes mysteriously, at the age Robert did, age 27. See more on Club 27. I find it interesting to note, 27 is 3 cubed, and that age 27 is just before ones Saturn return.

It needs to be understood, firstly that the 12 notes in an octave are equivalents to the twelve single letters in QBLH, and the 12 zodiak signs (thus all 12's in history, from the feats of Hercules to Jesus disciples.) By making this connection we can draw a circle and cast a chart, but not a zodiak chart for calculating astrology, but in fact a musick chart. Start by drawing a circle, then divide it into 12 segements, that will be 30 degrees per segment, and last label each segment using the chromatic scale.

Now here is where we can find the true origin behind the Pentatonic scale, by using the Pentagram, or Pentacle, familiar to many in the occult and/or Wicca, also familiar to anyone who has seen the US flag, or any of the numerous products carrying this ancient symbol. It's a simple 5 pointed star (well stars look more like dots to me.) If we draw a pentagram in the same circle from earlier, the points of the pentagram will rest in the notes of the Pentatonic Musickal Scale. Actually it will highlight one of five modes of the pentatonic scale depending on what degree in C you start the root note, or first line of the Pentagram.

If you divide the 30 degrees given to each note, into five equal parts, you will get six degrees for each of the five segments (30/5=6). Each segment when used as the starting point (root note) will highlight each of the tones in the five Pentatonic Modes. Like the points of a pentagram, each mode of the pentatonic scale will be attributed to one of the five elements, Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit.

Thus The modes of the Pentatonic Scale are...
Earth: C D E G A C (Major Pentatonic)
Water: G A C D E G
Air: D E G A C D
Fire: A C D E G A (Minor Pentatonic)
Spitit: E G A C D E

The Intervals of each mode are...
(H=Half Step W=Whole Step WH=Whole and Half Step)
Earth: W, W, WH, W, WH (Major Pentatonic)
Water: W, WH, W, W, WH
Air: W, WH, W, WH, W
Fire: WH, W, W, WH, W (Minor Pentatonic)
Spirit: WH, W, WH, W, W

And at last the Starting degrees for the Pentagrams/Modes are...
Earth: 1-6
Water: 7-12
Air: 13-18
Fire: 19-24
Spirit: 25-30

This gives us five modes in each element to 12 keys in each zodiak. I'll go into the zodiak attributes to the notes in a later post, and how you can calculate them, and check it out for yourself. Right now I'll just tell you a couple instead of explaining, so you'll just have to trust me... Ok, that phrase usually denotes a liar, but like I said I'll be sure to explain the relationship of Zodiak to note in another post.

C Aries
C# Taurus
D Gemini
D# Cancer
E Leo
F Virgo
F# Libra
G Scorpio
G# Sagittarius
A Capricorn
A# Aquarius
B Pisces

This is an example of the Mystical Attributes of Music...
The Note A is Capricorn, and the Minor pentatonic scale is the element of water, and therefore the guitar solo in "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin, being mostly in A Minor Pentatonic, is also Capricorn in the Element of Fire.