04 April 2009

GoD Scales, Locrian/Lydian (and other modal connections)

For a while now I've been doing research and meditation on the various elements of music in order to link them more into both Kabbalah, and Alchemy. I have come to the conclusion that the modes of Locria and Lydia, can be attributed The Moon, and Venus.

Because on the Kabbalistic Tree of life there are 7 Planetary bodies (3-9) in the sephiroth, and there are 7 modes in western music, it becomes clear that these are someway related. There are also 7 paths of the 22 that are associated with these celestial god bodies, the double letters.

3) Saturn, Tav (T, 400)
4) Jupiter, Kaph (K, 20)
5) Mars, Peth (P, 80)
6) Sun, Resh (R, 200)
7) Venus, Daleth (D, 4)
8) Mercury, Beth (B, 2)
9) Moon, Gimel (G, 3)

The primary reason for linking these two modes together is because these two modes are the only modes that are exactly six semitones or half an octave apart. These modes then are the only ones with a flat 5th note in them, the flat 5th note of Lydia being the root note of Locria, the flat 5th of Locria is the root of Lydia, thus these modes are intimately connected. Of the double letters on the Tree, only two intersect, and create a very important intersection at that. These two are Daleth, and Gimel (Venus, and Moon). G+D is where we get the word GoD, because vowels are generally not spelled out in letters. G+D=7, very important number in mysticism, and extremely important in music as well. Even if you include the vowel in the word GOD you will find allot numerological significance. O is Ayin which equals 70 using gemetria, and therefore G+O+D = 77, also the gemetria total of OZ.
Deciding which mode should be linked to which letter of GD required meditation on the sound produced by these modes, and an aesthetic link to the meaning of the path and planet. This wasn't a very hard conclusion to come by. The Lydian mode is quite possibly the Loveliest sounding mode, its a major mode, lovely enough for Aphroditie. Locrian, being a diminished mode, has a very odd sound that separates it from any other mode. I find allot of Lunar qualities in this mode, it's the mode of the LUNAtic, and thus my favourite mode.

Understand though, that coming up with a conclusion based on the aesthetic feel of something is very subjective, Lydia may be the lovely mode to me, but not to someone else, and thus using my opinion for a conclusion is dangerous in any scholarly work. I urge any mystic and musician to meditate deeply upon the sound of each mode and come up with your own conclusion, based on your understanding, and to trust yourself before any other.

There are two other modal attributes that I have come up with and will now share. One for Jovial Jupiter, and the other for Wise Mercury.

First Jove, being an important archetype for the Orphic Mysteries (Apollo is also an important archetype for Orpheus.) I have decided to link the Ionian Mode to Jupiter for a couple reasons. First of all the Prefix IO. IO is not only a Moon of the planet Jupiter, but was also the name of the High Priestess of Hera, the wife of the god Jupiter. Secondly, The Ionian Mode being the Major scale is aesthetically very Jovial sounding.

Next Mercury, to whom I give the Aeolian Mode, or Minor Scale. Aeolus in Greek Mythology was the god of the Winds, and the element of wind represents thoughts and intellect. In the Tarot deck that I use (The Kazanlar Tarot), the Ace of Swords or Primal Force of Wind, is illustrated with Thoth, the Egyptian Scribe god. Thoth and mercury being equivalent. Also on the Tree of Life, Beth (Mercury) and Aleph (Wind), are as important of a pair, as Gimel (Moon) and Daleth (Venus). Zain (Gemini) and He (Ares) are also important to look at with these two other pairs.

3+7+12= 22
There are 3 Mother Letters (actually 5 but Ill get into the abyss and the two spirals in another post), 7 double letters, and 12 single letters. 12 notes in an octave, 7 note in a scale (7 modes), and three notes in a triad (Major, Minor, Augmented, or Diminished Chord). There are 12 zodiak signs, apostles, feats of Hercules, ect. There are 7 Chakra, Planetary bodies in QBLH, ect. There are three elements for the mother letter (actually 5 elements but like I said I'll get into that in a later post.) The attributes for these number combinations are many.

The significance for these three pairs of two are very mystically important. They are a duality within a duality, and the combination of these dualities. A + B is The Fool and The Magus being a duality of a masculine nature, ABBA means Father. G + D is the High Priestess and The Empress, the duality of a feminine nature. I Guess God really is a woman. H + Z are the Uniting of the Feminine and the Masculine to produce the child, there son, (6) Tipheret, or the Sun.


ViølatoR said...

Interesting stuff, and sound conclusions I think, though I can't say I know what a Locria or Lydia mode sounds like... (?) A correspondence for the 3 Mother Letters might be the 3 Essentials of Alchemy, from which all things are produced: Mercury, Salt and Sulfur. Oh yeah, your art is awsome, such colors! I don't have synesthesia, but it's still very nice :D

KoSeYeA13 said...

Thanks, I hope to get into the mother letters in another post, adding 2 more of them for earth and spirit, which would be the two hidden paths over Da'at.

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