06 February 2009

Aenima: The Spiritual Enema (Atribute to Tool)

Disclaimer: I support the use of Entheonegic Substances for spiritual use. I my self am a Cantheist. However, I am not suggesting anyone should break any law.

A couple years ago a good friend of mine, who will be referred to in here as Cain, was telling me of particular ecstatic experience. Cain and I are both huge fans of the band Tool. Cain is also a fan of a particular mushroom that contains chemical compounds called tryptamines. One delightful day Cain decided to join his two loves together, and it produced a wonderful effect. Cain described to me how he could feel a force being dragged up his spinal chord, cutting through his Chakra points. This fascinated me, and I decided to check to see if I could find some legitimacy to it.

So I decided to chart out the songs from the album by the second up a medical chart of a spinal chord and compare the songs to the corresponding Chakra points.

Essentially the Album is an Enema for your Anima. Each song in some way correlates to the surrounding Chakra points, like the heavy breathing in the song Aenima matching up to the throat Chakra. My particular favorite is how Third Eye takes up the entire cranium.

~To put this all in a simple Mathematical formula~



ViølatoR said...

Wow that's pretty cool. Even the dual-painted-Keenan wriggles like a snake rising and falling during the song.

John Alexanderson said...

Hello. I'm not understanding how only the root/Stinkfist, throat/Aenima and forehead-crown/Third eye seem to line up while I can't find a link between the others. You've got my interest, but why shouldn't we just throw this 'chakra system' into the junk pile with the other New Age ideas?
Thanks for reading.

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